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Welcome to Kuchii Lab!

This laboratory mainly focuses on three engineering fields: machine, control, and information.
We are conducting research using each technology, in order to gain understanding, and use it to develop for industry.




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Industry-academia collaboration digital manufacturing Core personnel training business.
Creation of a HR development curriculum to improve the value chain of small/medium manufacturing businesses
No. Curriculum
2. Order Management (Estimate/cost planning)
3. Order Management (Delivery time response)
4. Production Execution Perspective View/Performance Monitoring
Cooperation with ERP, MES, Various Sensors and ERP, IoT Platform.
5. Quality Control, Design of quality control process.
The mechanism of lot tracing.
Quality control of process design.
History management and management using MES.
6. Manufacturing plan management (product design - production design - manufacturing plan - progress management - change in delivery date - rescheduling)
7. Use of project schedule application in project production system.
8. Improve the efficiency of design work and shorten the time period by front-loading (tolerance simulation/shape search, etc.)
9. The maintenance and management of products and equipment using cyber physical systems (CPS)
Product design/production design and manufacturing site (About the integrated management of after market data.)
11. Visualisation of management performance and agile adjustment of management plan.

What’s Abouters?

"What is Abouters?"

The National Institute of Technology in Kitakyushu's "Abouters" is mainly based on RoBoCoN’s activities, We are aiming for the “Robocon Grand Prize” and “National conquest”. We are doing daily activities.

If you would like to know about detailed activities of Abouters, please visit the website. Abouters, Inc. → http://abouters.com (Japanese)


National Institute of Technology, Kitakyushu College
5-20-1 Shii, Kokuraminami-ku, Kitakyushu, Fukuoka, 802-0985 Japan
Prof. Shigeru Kuchii

TEL & FAX : 093-964-7259
Email: kuchii@kct.ac.jp

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